Are you sure your expat employees (and their families) are happy and they function at their full potential?

employeeYou employ people from abroad and have a well-functioning HR department and, in addition, you use a relocation bureau. You have given it your all. But are you sure your employees are functioning 100% and they are not worried and alone?

In today’s world you want to stand out from other companies and get and keep the best expat employees. By offering them ongoing tailored and personal support you’ll reflect your company’s culture and values. Because you are an employer who looks after their people and cares about them. You recognize that, in addition to a new workplace, living abroad means a new life and a new home for the employee and their family.

expat satisfaction

Unsatisfied expat employees will return to their home country before the assignment is finished. The consequence of losing an employee can be extremely expensive.

On top of that, the Netherlands rank pretty low when it comes down to the happiness of expats and thus the risk of losing them prematurely becomes higher. Click here to see what expats perceive as the most difficult parts of living in the Netherlands.

Expat Support recognizes these issues and we address them. We believe that expats should be pampered until they are completely settled in. And we know that for you, in order to get a fully functioning and engaged employee, expats need to have a basic level of satosfaction.

engagedBut…With so much information available via the Internet, why would they need extra support? Why would you, as an employer, pay for information when it is freely available?

The answer is simple. The amount of information is huge and very often not in English. And more often than not there is too much information available. The key for a successful search it to know what to ignore and new expats in the Netherlands simply have not mastered these skills yet.

We already have the local knowledge and networks which means that we are able to support each expat individually with a tailor-make package that provides your expats with the best solution for their needs.

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